Saturday, March 23, 2013

Replacing your VW's Valve Cover Gasket

VW beetles are known to leave behind oil leaks - I used to compare them to dogs who have a habit of marking their territories. I remember noticing Voxy's "markings" a week after I got her. As time passed by - I got "OC" and wanted to get to the bottom of this oilleaks . Being a 50 year old car, she's bound to have leaks here and there and you just have to be patient and deal with it one at a time.

Vw's commonly leak in oil in the engine oil drain plug/sump plate, axle boots, the transmission and the valve covers. Today, I'll share with you how to deal with valve cover leaks.

VW bugs have 2 cylinder heads/valve covers - one on each side - you'll see it near the rear wheels. As you can see - Voxy's engine has it's fair share of leaks.

These covers are not bolted on but is held in place by this clip.

You can pry it down by using a screwdriver.

Once the clip is out of the way - you can just pop out the cover. You might have to exert a bit of force if you've previously used silicone gasket makers (sealants).

Remove the old valve cover gasket and clean the valve cover thoroughly.

See the difference? I make it a habit to pay attention to details like this :)

Here's the replacement gasket - this costs under a 100 pesos and is one of the main culprits for leaking vws!

I was told by a mechanic friend that you don't need any sealants when it comes to vw gaskets - all you need is some heavy duty grease (not the cheap stuff that  "evaporates" or disappears once exposed to heat)

Since I'm thrifty - I find the high temp grease sold in ACE too pricey. BUDGET TIP - use velocity or axle grease instead - not only is it also heavy duty (won't burn under extreme heat) but it's only for 60 pesos a tube!

Apply grease on the covers and the gaskets.

Return the covers and clips in place - do the same for the other side and you're on your way to one leak and drip free bug!



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