Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Farewell Voxy - till we meet again...

1.55 years
18.66 months
81 weeks
570 days
13,680 hours
820,800 minutes
49,248,000 seconds

That's how long I've been with Voxy. Yesterday, I turned over Voxy's keys to her new owner. What happened just started sinking in and I can't help but look back at time I've had her. 

I got her as an early birthday gift for myself last year- May 14, 2011. I've always dreamed of having my own VW bug and though it took me a while to fulfill that dream - it was worth the wait. It has puzzled everyone how I managed to see her potential since Day 1. She looked, um, horrible when I got her but I was blinded by her "charm" and saw what she could possibly become.

Joy rides with Voxy were not always filled with fun, laughter and worry free driving. I found myself stuck by the side of the road quite a number of times wondering what went wrong and why she let me down. She introduced herself two days after I got her. Full of excitement, eagerness and exhiliration towards what has been my most expensive birthday present - we drove her down to Nuvali (15 kms from where we live) to celebrate my birthday. Lo and behold - on our way back, she decided to throw in a tantrum and dampened our festive spirits. Frustrated and disappointed, I stood there by the side of the road clueless of what I should do. That's the first time I experienced the bond that VW owners had. (Read about it here) Fortunately, my mechanic lived nearby. But still, it took him around 3 hours to fix Voxy. The culprit? Worn out contact points and a faulty fuel pump. 

The following week - I gave her a full service - replaced everything that had to be replaced. Brake lines, fuel lines, sparkplugs brake pads, brake cylinders, condensers, belts, you name it. I made sure everything was in tip top condition. I tidied up all her "spaghetti wiring" to make sure nothing trips or burns or shorts. I even had her blessed (I come from a very religious family :) ) so that we'll be safe on the road.

After burning a very big hole right through my pocket, wallet, and bank account, the good times started rolling in. We started by overcoming Nuvali (where she first stalled) and eventually visited Tagaytay, Paseo and Alabang! Driving a car as old, um, as "seasoned" as Voxy is quite an experience. Maybe it's just me but the moment I step on that pedal - I can feel that 46 year old engine working and churning out all the power her little boxer engine has - all 46HP's of it! :)

Don't get me wrong - Voxy's far from being a slow poke - I feel that she can go fast but I limit her to only 100kph on the open roads - she's kinda spoiled.

Late last year - I decided to give Voxy a makeover. I figured that its about time to finally unleash her full potential. After working on her for months, I was able to turn her into a fire red head turner (I kinda feel like she's one) :) Maybe she didn't like being stuck in the garage all that time because the first time we went out after her makeover, she stalled! :) The problem - a faulty ignition coil. 

The last time she gave me problems were when we got stuck in Pacita (read about it here). AAP was there to save our asses that day and towed us home. As it turned out, the problem was a clogged carburator which needed to be overhauled.

After that, it was all open roads, clear skies and problem free joy rides with Voxy. We went to Pansol and Tagaytay several times without hickups.

I got married several months ago and Voxy was supposed to send me off as I tied the knot but as it turned out - she had plans of her own. She wanted to be our honary bridal car! (read about my VW wedding here)

Life was sweet and Voxy was living the life she was supposed to live. We were living the dream. But as it turned out, ours was not a happily ever after story.

(Voxy's new owner)

Today, I had to to let go of Voxy in preparation for the next big thing in my life....

..our little angel. 

I had to let go of what for me is the ultimate toy for the big boy (or should I say for the big Archie)... be better prepared for the time when she finally meets us (which is in about 3 months)

 (Last convoy with Voxy... with her new owner behind the wheel)

My long drives with Voxy were not always worry free. At the back of my mind, I always think that today might be the day when she gets one of her mood swings. But I realized now that worrying made each joyride more exciting and fun. And finishing the trip without hickups made the journey so much sweeter. My time with her might have been short - but definitely filled with memories that will last me a lifetime.

Our baby has been with us for...

.55 of a year
6.7 months
29 weeks
205 days
4920 hours
295,200 minutes
17,712,000 seconds

... so far (technically, inside her mom's womb). And we have less than 3 months to go before she finally arrives.

Papa's waiting for you sweetie (and Mommy too!) ...

...and I'm looking forward (and even more excited) to joyrides with you....

P.S. I'll buy you a car seat for our road trips soon. That's Voxy's gift to you baby.


  1. To the best husband in the entire world,

    I can't help but cry when I was reading your post. I know how much Voxy meant to you, and how hard it was for you to give her up. You didn't have to sacrifice Voxy, but you wanted to...and for that, I want to thank you, for wanting to give our little angel the best that she deserves. Thank you, because I know that you'd be such an amazing father. Our daughter is really lucky to have you. :) We both love you so much Papa!! :)

  2. This is a tear jerker...We are all lucky to have known someone like you in our lives. Baby Emma will surely be proud of you!!! Love Yaw!!!

  3. i was reading this and I might must say na touch ako... specially when I read your wife's post..

    1. Thanks Vanessa! The sacrifice was worth it! : ) a lot has happened over the past year and I hope to write about it soon :)

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