Sunday, December 9, 2012

Voxy's Glove Compartment

Voxy and I had a lot of "bonding moments" (a.k.a DIY projects) before she had to go and I will be sharing some of them from time to time. I know I have a lot of Voxy projects I have not yet shared with you since my PC's hard disk crashed a while back and I'm still in the process of recovering my old files/pictures.

The glove compartment's door is a critical part of Voxy since it is her "achievement wall". I rewarded Voxy with magnets which served as her badges/souvenirs from our roadtrips. I started buying her magnets after our first succesful trip to Paseo (a memorable place for us.. story about it here). There was a bazaar then and I came across angry birds magnets which was perfect for her. After that, I just had to reward her everytime we finished a major road trip. When I started doing the Voxy project last year (project started here), the glove compartment was somewhat on the bottom of my to do list so I did not put that much attention to it. The magnets (which sometimes fall off), the repeated opening/closing and the bumps from my wife's bag, umbrella, keys, etc has not been kind to the door - as you can see, there are bumps, nicks and scratches everywhere.

Remember the CF sticker I used on my previous project (read about it here), well, I still had some of it left and I've decided to give the door a sleeker CF look instead of slapping some paint on it.

Using soapy water helps when applying CF stickers. The sticker glides like butter across the surface making it easier to position. Once the water dries up, the sticker's perfectly in place :)

But since this is old left over CF sticker, the adhesive sticker part is already gone so I decided to use contact cement ( same as what I did before - this stuff really works wonders when used with CF stickers)

The finished product :) Looks nice but something is missing...

... Voxy's badges! I've decided to just put several key pieces (she had already accumulated a lot and time to keep some of them)

The new look matches her interior! Clean and sleek! :)

I miss her.. wonder how she's doing right now....